The art of teaching
is the art of assisting

(Mark Van Doren)

I am a devoted yoga practitioner, and yoga teacher certified by the Yoga Alliance in 2013. I was born and spiced up with Paprika in Budapest, Hungary, but in my childhood and later in my life I have lived in several cities all over the World. Currently, I am living and teaching in Munich, Germany. I am a mother of two amazing young men and an amazing preschooler boy.

I teach Hatha, Hatha-Flow, Yin and Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is a never-ending journey. It is present on – and off the mat. It is how you relate to the world, how you connect to people and to yourself. As a teacher, during my classes my goal is to guide and help you to develop and deepen a physical practice of the asanas and breathing techniques. By this you create space in your life, learn to be present in this space, which allows you to experience what is happening inside. Yoga is your own journey. Come as you are, start where you are!

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With endless gratitude and love to my teachers, past and present.